Blog Report #2

Blue Rose Girls

I actually find this really interesting.  J.K. Rowling has made it so that her ebooks are being distributed by herself.  I’m glad she has the money to be able to do this, but it makes me wonder if digital distributing is starting to turn toward more the writer’s favor. Maybe one day the individual writer will be able to put their own books out there with no extra money being taken out by a retailer.

I know that it seems that more and more writers are taking the self-published ebook route, but to take out the retailer of one’s books completely is an interesting idea.  I wonder how it will transform in the next few years.

Seven Things to do Before Breakfast

For one, I find it funny that husband and wife, even though they live together and are married, don’t collaberate on any pieces that they do together.  I find this interesting, but professional.  They want to keep to how the things in illustrator/writer world operates the same.

I love how the writer drew her inspiration from the experiances she had, and I know that’s the classic rule of writing.  It’s just odd to think of applying the same concept to children’s literature.  Maybe I’m thinking too much like an adult and not enough like a child.

Editorial Anonymous

Even though this post is old, the facts still stand.  I was wondering not long ago if I would need an agent, or if I could do it on my own without one.  After reading, I find that I probably will need an agent.  I’m terrible with deadlines, or keeping to deadlines, and I’m just the kind of person that needs a constant, reinforced sense of responsibility to finish my novel.  I think the advice here is pretty standard, and being fully convinced, I’ll be paying more attention to what agents want to see. (and how to grab their attention.  Can’t be too hard, right?)


Another interview.  Again, its truly inspiring to see other writers, or published authors, talking about their process.  It helps me figure out a different thing that I could do to my routine to start the juices flowing.  At times, its hard to find a set time to actually write.  And even then, I find more joy in writing About writing than actually writing.  I blame this hiatus and where I am in life right now as my reason.

But whatever excuse I choose, I can put myself in another writer’s shoes.  E.M. Kokie’s shoes are the ones I’m trying on today.  She states that she writes whenever she can, and when she’s not writing she’s keeping it fresh with research and revising.  I’ve done the same before, but I always fail at keeping a draft “warm.” Also, I love when I’ve actually got a draft done (verses E.M.Kokie’s love of revision), and actually writing it can stress me out quite a bit.  But then once I have that draft finished, I can look at the words with satisfaction that I finally wrote that scene that’s plagued me for months.


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