Blog Report #3

Blue Rose Girls

This post reminds me that I should always be looking for inspiration. It definitely seems like it would be very beneficial to just step away from the computer, for one.  I have to wonder, if I was only allowed paper and pen to write my stories (a way I prefer anyways), and I had no inspiration but my life experiances, I wonder how it would affect my writing.  Unfortunately, with my classes depending on many things to do with the internet, I guess I’ll have to wait to experiment at a later date, maybe when I have a week vacation.


A Fuse #8 Production

With this review, its easy to see how children’s fiction can be done.  She depicts a lot from this children’s  book, and its pretty easy to see that with her review how a story can be formed.  Not only that, but the things that she points out about this book are ones that every good writer needs to include in a strong story.


Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Although this post doesn’t have much to it, I’d like to just put it as a link here for now.  I’m pretty interested in this book also.  The cover alone is what makes me so interested, and I’m thinking that’s what will get the kiddos looking at it to.



One thing I really like about this blog is its ability to keep up with the up and coming novels.  And somehow this author finds the time to write!  Its extremely impressive.  Anywho, I choose this blog because its one of her most recent, and since I hate having to scroll through tons of text, I picked it.  Ya, I know I’m lazy.  This post has a little summary of everything that’ll be coming out soon, and I’m actually pretty excited for some of the titles.



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