Blog Report #4

Blue Rose Girls

I really liked this post about editing.  it actually helped me realize some things that I could do to better help my own edits.  Plus, since I frequently edit others works (friends online and off) plus my own, its intriguing to see how others do the same.  As much as I love writing, I seem to find myself loving to edit as well.  As a writer, I’d like to think that enjoying both is a part of the whole scheme of being amazing at what I do.

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

I really enjoyed this post, since it maps out an illustrators journey to get the correct picture/sketch for the finished project.  Looking though all the photos, I have to admire the creativity of the illustrator.  This definitely displays how it takes both illustrator and author to create a wonderful picture book.

Editorial Anonymous

This post is extremely helpful.  I’ve heard of there being false agencies, but I was never certain how to find them, or what site to look to that would be creditable in its findings of bad agencies.  Well, Editorial Anonymous answers these questions.  Though, I have to wonder at the writer that asked the question.  I would hope that someone would try to look up the people that they are giving their works to instead of just eagerly handing over their sweat, blood, and tears.  But I can also understand the eagerness in which one would be persuaded into doing so.  It doesn’t take much to try to scam an over-eager writer to handing over their work with the promise of it being published.



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