Blog Report #5


It’s not exactly on her direct website, but its still the same author.  Here she speaks of something that I know a lot of my friends and I struggle with: Time Management.  Even I dream of a day or year when I’ll be able to do nothing but write a little bit and then finally I’ll have some free time.  But alas, it will never work out that way.  There will be free time, but only after an articulate list of deadlines has been completed.


Editorial Anonymous

This just reminded me of a topic we discussed in class one day.  Adults buy children’s books, and sometimes they buy the books that the child doesn’t necessarily care about. (yet the adult loves the book)  Children’s books have this uncanny ability to lure in new writers with inaccurate context.  While yes, the writer should appeal to the children, they have to also create a work that appeals to the adults as well.  To do this, a story needs to have layers as well as an entertaining and “frivolous” plot.  To create layers, a writer can insert the alphabet or counting, or they can add a well-hidden moral to the story (such as “don’t whine” or “don’t be a tattle-“tale).   And it CAN’T be obvious to the child that they are being taught or told a lesson.  I have to say that’s the trickiest part.  Children’s books, while having the word “child”, are not easy.  If anything they are harder because they are for children.


Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

I love this post, especially for the fact that this illustrator is undiscovered, but her art is so beautiful.  Plus, this site is so popular I’m sure the illustrator will have no problem finding some work soon.  (I hope anyways)  I also really like this post for the fact that it gives me hope that even illustrators that are new to the business will soon find work if their artwork is powerful enough. (I hope).


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