Blog Report #6

Just a realization that’s been going on since class started:

This last week we started going into detail about what made a plot and the characters.  It seems that more and more that I learn about other genres of writing, they all encompass the same techniques.   The only difference is the execution.

Blue Rose Girls

I could really relate to this.  The worries, the enjoys, the everything.  It’s really nice to see that other’s have the same uncomfortable feelings about it as well.  It’s like when you have that internal editor that refuses to hush and let you just write.  I’m actually thinking of writing a list of my own worries and then burning it.  Maybe then my little editor voice will disappear with those worries for a time.  It would be nice to write in peace.

Editorial Anonymous

I’ve always wondered what would happen to my piece, after it’s been placed into the slush pile.  Even though Eidtorial Anonymous doesn’t specify, it’s easy to see what she/he means.  Once you pile goes to the slush, its probably forgotten about, and more specifically, either put on fire or shredded.  It’s sad to think of all that hard work turning into dust, but it’s understandable.  Once you’re in someone’s slush, you’re no longer of any importance to them.


So glad this post exists.  These are some definitely awesome tips.  I hope I can one day to get to the point where I can use these tips.  Actually, I already have a plan ready.  Whatever I’m going to write, I will make it my goal to dress like a character from my story.  I dunno, it would make an excellent talking piece, and hey, who doesn’t like to see an author that loves her characters as much as her readers?  Or I’ll find a cookie jar, that talks… mwahaha!

But back to the post.  I feel like I should link to it for my other author friends.  I’ve noticed these things done really well at some signings, and at others… well.. lets just say I have some excellent examples of what NOT to do. 🙂


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