Blog Report #7


Didn’t have a week of classes, so that was a nice vacation.  Read more of the book from class, and I love the tips that the author gives.  She has a lot of examples of what to do to create a good setting and plot to carry a story.  I’ll be working on these on my own time to get that story for class done.


Editorial Anonymous

Anonymous makes a few valid points about self-publishing.  There’s no editor, or publishing house, to go through to get your book out there.  And before eReaders, it was much more expensive to try to get your book on the market by yourself.  Though, I think there are a lot of really good self-published works out there.  I have also found out that there are freelace editors that a self-publish author can pay to have their book looked over.  I’m not saying that the shit that is self-published (mostly free/0.99 books on the Kindle, a side-effect of their self-publishing app) is getting any better, but I think there are authors that wouldn’t have been published any other way if they hadn’t tried self-publishing first.  As far as publishing for myself, I think I’ll try publishing houses before resorting to self-publishing.


Blue Rose Girls

I’m pretty sure this post was put up as a joke.  It has some silly motions.  Sadly, as silly as some are, they are kind of true. Many people aren’t really noticed unless they are networking in other areas (celebrity, writing articles, etc.).  This doesn’t mean you have to suddenly change your job to reporter to get your stuff out there, and it definitely doesn’t mean that you have to start self-publishing.  You just have to readily advertise and start getting a sort of readership.  If your readership gets big enough, you may (or may not) have an editor or agent see your work.  So basic idea? Advertise.

Side note: I think there’s a lot of misconception about being published in a publishing house as far as advertising goes.  You still have to do the same amount of advertising for yourself to get your book out there and to increase sells as you would if you self-published.  The only difference is that you (might) have someone in the publishing house helping by putting you on author signings…. if your lucky.  Oh, and you might have your book on a hidden shelf in barnes and noble… maybe.


Seven Impossible Thing to do Before Breakfast

This just reminds me of how many authors make it huge from one book, and it seems that the books following are either too much like the first, or have a terrible narrative.  It’s much like how readers can tell when an author is trying to milk more money out of their fans and not truly caring about giving quality work.  I’m not saying Mr. Palahniuk is doing this on purpose, and it could just be that his style has changed.  I’ve just read a lot of books (that often become series) and they deteriorate in quality per novel.  The story loses flare, the author forgets their character, or the book appears to only be published as filler.  A lesson can be learned from this though.  As a writer, I know what my readers will expect of me from my own reader experiences.  Consistency creates a stronger fan base more than making sure a book comes out every year.


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