Blog Report # 8

So with NaNoWriMo starting, and being weeks away from finals, I’ve had quite the busy week or so.  For one, I barely have a NaNo started, but that’s my own personal dilemma.  So, this week we turned in a ten page exert of our “YA Novel” for workshop and peer review.  I’m pretty proud of  the story I have started (and the fact that I came up with it in 30 minutes, a rare event in my story planning).  Now, if I’m actually going to write the next chapter and continue the book, that’s another question altogether.


Blue Rose Girls

I was going through their archives and found this post.  I’m an artist as much as I am a writer, and I really liked this post about References.  Actually, just last week we discussed in class how artists and writer’s alike need to use references to paint adequate details in either a painting, or a piece of writing.  ( the example given was doodling a room and using that for reference when writing about said room ) It’s also a brilliant way to show others, who aren’t familiar with the process of writing/drawing, how a person can make certain images so clear to their reader/viewer.

Editorial Anonymous

This was a really great post about publishing a book.  It’s also one I’m sure I’ll encounter when (if) I write my amazing novel of amazing-ness.  I alway love how Anonymous is very to the point, and this post was no different.  If you publish with one house, its possible that you will be published by another house if you switch writing genres.  Or, in the case of Stephen King, your name becomes too associated with a specific genre and you must make a pen name in order to publish your works.  Okay, I realize it’s pretty rare to become as big as Mr. King, but in the event that it may happen, you have been warned.

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

This is a wonderful post about children’s books.  Reading to children has become more of a tedious chore for schools, and most only allow “lesson” picture books to be read to their students.  This kills reading, since its “something shared by book, child and adult.” Although the blogger is only speaking about the impact of the reading, I’m looking into getting a copy of this book for myself.  And then I’m going to buy another copy, and if I approach anyone that is going to teach children, or even just read to children, I’ll be handing out a piece of advice and this book.


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