I’ll be completely honest, I’m doing this Blog for a class at my college.  I’m a twenty year old student double majoring in Creative Writing and Procrastination with a minor in Art.  I enjoy a lot of big things in life, like that long walk or bike ride to campus or learning the hard way why you shouldn’t sit in front of a teacher with projectile spit.  Throughout my daily routine, I find it easy to sit in front of computer and type random babbles about writing rather than actually writing.  I’m not a fan of the semi-colon, and if I see it, I shall smite it with the wrath of a million pegasuses… pegasusi?  I’m not a grammar nazi, but I know enough to disguise what would otherwise be more blatant mistakes.

And now that I’ve done my read-through to make sure that my writing flow matches my expectations, I’ll leave you with this:

If you don’t recognize this title, you should go to your local bookstore or check it out online.


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