Blog Report # 8

So with NaNoWriMo starting, and being weeks away from finals, I’ve had quite the busy week or so.  For one, I barely have a NaNo started, but that’s my own personal dilemma.  So, this week we turned in a ten page exert of our “YA Novel” for workshop and peer review.  I’m pretty proud of  the […]

Blog Report #7

Overview: Didn’t have a week of classes, so that was a nice vacation.  Read more of the book from class, and I love the tips that the author gives.  She has a lot of examples of what to do to create a good setting and plot to carry a story.  I’ll be working on these […]

Blog Report #6

Just a realization that’s been going on since class started: This last week we started going into detail about what made a plot and the characters.  It seems that more and more that I learn about other genres of writing, they all encompass the same techniques.   The only difference is the execution. Blue Rose Girls I could really relate […]

Blog Report #5

Cynsations It’s not exactly on her direct website, but its still the same author.  Here she speaks of something that I know a lot of my friends and I struggle with: Time Management.  Even I dream of a day or year when I’ll be able to do nothing but write a little bit and then […]

Blog Report #4

Blue Rose Girls I really liked this post about editing.  it actually helped me realize some things that I could do to better help my own edits.  Plus, since I frequently edit others works (friends online and off) plus my own, its intriguing to see how others do the same.  As much as I love writing, I […]

Blog Report #3

Blue Rose Girls This post reminds me that I should always be looking for inspiration. It definitely seems like it would be very beneficial to just step away from the computer, for one.  I have to wonder, if I was only allowed paper and pen to write my stories (a way I prefer anyways), and […]

Blog Report #2

Blue Rose Girls I actually find this really interesting.  J.K. Rowling has made it so that her ebooks are being distributed by herself.  I’m glad she has the money to be able to do this, but it makes me wonder if digital distributing is starting to turn toward more the writer’s favor. Maybe one day the individual writer […]