A Book of Sleep

By Il Sung Na
Also Illustrated by Author from my understanding.
Published in 2007 by Random House.
I would suggest this book for the age group of 2-6.

Here it is on Amazon: Click.

When I first see this book it appears to be very unusual in its cover.   There is no jacket, its just a hardcover book with the illustration.  The book itself has the question of “How can you sleep at night?”  To answer this question, you follow “the watchful owl” as he journeys and looks over his friends.  The book never specifies what exactly is sleeping, instead the author has chosen to leave that up to the illustrator.  There’s a bit of irony in the end of this book, seeing as how watchful owl ends up going to sleep while everyone else is awake.

The book has a very peaceful tone, and its a very simple story.  It’s been crafted to show children that everyone is different, and if you sleep in a “weird” fashion, then you aren’t actually weird.  It’s completely normal to sleep standing or with one eye open, like the critters in this book.  Also, it has an extra level where it shows children the specific animals that have different sleeping habits.  This book is really well crafted for its audience, and it’ll definitely be one that I’ll share with my children.


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